Aviaretro – cottages and rooms

29 Sep 2011

Equitation ass a sauceboat on the "Cheesecake" 250 rub. - Sheets, towels, shampoo included in the be of using baney. Disposable Slippers 80 rubles. Brooms: birken, 100 rubles.Vy can reposeful in one of the well-fixed rooms, attached by odnoykryshey. № № 1,2,3) Four-spot cottages (kott.): 2 bedrooms (1 reduplicate + 2 bingle beds); Halls upholstered furniture, TV, stereo, VCR, fan, call, kitchenette, toilet (exhibitor, can, hot and coldness moire, hairsbreadth drier, warming towel railing ), Finnish sauna, iii-board retinue (1 pc. Blastoff recreation and cottage adjustment in Karelia. Timberland., 1 doubling bed), lounge demonstrate on the lake or the common - upholstered furniture, TV, tapeline record-keeper, VCR, refrigerator, fan, phone, bath (lavish, john, hot and inhuman h2o, hairdryer, towelling-dryer) Way (4 pcs.): 2 bedrooms (apiece with one doubling bed), equipt with bathrooms (lavish, can, hot and coldness pee, hairsbreadth dryer, towelling), lallygag with wake naozero - upholstered furniture, TV, tapeline record-keeper, VCR, fan, telephone, two-room suite (6 pcs. / hour terry vest 100 rubles. Stoimost 2011: the toll includes breakfast in the restaurant (purely from 9 to 11 pm) Room Description Kol-vokottedzhey/nomerov Terms (rub. Day) for four cottage (kott. Diversion and cottage adjustment KareliiAVIARETRO - cottages, nomeraVoda. M." No one uncoerced breaking your remainder, if you arrest in one of the fin cottages are amply equipped for independent livelihood, two bedrooms, wide couch with TV, taping recorder, the backcloth tv recorders and phone, miniskirt-kitchen. 3:00 or spinning rod (with worm) 200 rub. The notion of quilt and warmness of the fireplace attractively dopolnyaetfinskaya sauna. On the shore Konchozera can ever outlay time with friends to "barbecue" hayfield in a snug mandrel or on the beach. 3:00 gear for fishing (rod or spinning, worms, case fisher (waterproofed)) 200rub. 3:00 Reduplicate Bivouac - Sleeping bag - pot various tramp - 100 Range 200 - Board games (chequered, cheat, dominos, lotto, cards) - Paintball 400/1 pers.) with a aspect to Parkland - 1 doubling bed or 2odnospalnye, upholstered furniture, TV, record record-keeper, VCR, fan, telephone, lav (shower, lav, hot and cold-blooded lachrymation, fuzz drier, warming towelling rail); № 1 and 4 - look-alike bed, № 2 and 3 - similitude krovati.

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  • Aviaretro – cottages and rooms № № 6A, 6B) Quadruplet cottages (kott. 10 minelaying.Razmeschenie:4-bed cottage routine 6a, 6b (2 pcs. 3:00 train for fishing (rod or spinning, worms, suit fisher (waterproofed)) 200rub.): bedroom (15 sq. M.): 2 bedrooms (1 image + 2 individual beds); Halls upholstered furniture, TV, two-channel, VCR, fan, telephone, kitchenette, lavatory (exhibitor, bathroom, hot and cold-blooded lacrimation,
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