Interior design of private homes.

The interior design of private homes, 2007 Kontseptsiya private house, for the first floor which was developed by a design project, a historic wooden buildings with a new wing attached. Therefore, the concept is based on an interior light formed a mixture of styles. On the one hand, the interior is solved with the help of modern design solutions and materials. On the other hand, were left, and accentuated some of the historically valuable items – brickwork and wooden beams. These historical motifs were supported also by the color and finishing solutions materialov. Funktsiya While working on the project design, layout and functionality of the facilities have undergone significant changes. In the living room with sliding partition was cut off from the total room two niches, one of which was equipped with a wardrobe, and in the other – the workplace. A special problem in terms of the layout was a kitchen-dining room in the form of an elongated rectangle. Low window sills are not allowed to equip a solid work surface, and the size and location of windows prevented the installation of a full refrigerator. These problems were solved using the differential level working surface, as well as a built-in fridge and freezer under the worktop. Color solution Color solution of the interior has been designed based on the characteristics of the Latvian climate. A small number of sunny days per year caused the choice in favor of warm maple flooring, painting the walls painted a warm sand color, the choice of textiles for the golden windows. Color accent in the living room and the semantic center has a large leather sofa cranberry color. In the kitchen were chosen less saturated colors – turquoise gloss kitchen furniture and terracotta floor tiles, perfectly combined with wooden elements (beams, windows and doors). Bathroom is in the sand-green color scheme, using the spectacular decor collections Melange production company Edil Cuoghi. Figure 1 Figure 3 Figure 2Risunok 4Risunok 5 Figure 6

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